I-Greta Project


Romanian Partners

Greenitiative is a Romanian environmental NGO focused on promoting  eco education, green building and living and the sustainable development of Romanian rural communities. The arhitecture uses the near zero-energy building built to teach different target groups about more sustainable ways of living and building.

MicroDERLab is a Research Group at UPB, that promotes a common research agenda on electrical engineering topics focusing measurements and instrumentation for a faster deploying of the intelligent networks of the future. It also researches dynamic grid operations and automation with modern ICT solutions, future power grid aspects as cyber-physical infrastructures.

The power of knowledge will lead the company that has strong expertise in energy measurement systems for industry and automation. Perhaps we are not the best, the most proactive or the most suitable to your needs. We promise instead that we will put all of our technical skills gained over the years in your service.

Consortium Partners

RWTH: researches comfortable indoor environments based on renewable energy supply and applies advanced ICT solutions to solve challenges in the area of grid dynamics, energy management and automation.
FH JOANNEUM: investigates sustainable urban design in terms of transport and energy and new energy strategies.

Graz University of Technology: The Institute of Software Technology works on different large-scale optimization methods, physical modelling, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

dwh GmbH: develops methods in the fields of  system analysis, modelling and simulation as well as technical support for data analysis.

University of Graz: The Institute of Psychology excels in empirical research combining behavioural and neuroscientific methods to provide a deeper understanding of humans’ behavior, motivation and emotions.

Campus 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft: performs research and development in automation technology.

EVON GmbH: offers a framework for the implementation of automation projects.

WEB Windenergie: operates decentralized supply of energy from sustainable sources.

Chalmers University of Technology: has developed the “SSO methodology” to study occupant comfort and well-being in future smart and sustainable office buildings.

Project Observers

aedifion: provides a cloud-based platform solution for  vendor-neutral accessibility of  building automation data.
EnergoBit: offers energy audit and technical design, production of electrical equipment, general contracting, maintenance and operation services.
HSB Göteborg: is Sweden’s largest Housing association with approximately 554,000 members.